How to Use ATM Card at ATM and Withdraw Money

    Welcome to Bankboi, are you looking for How to Use an ATM card At ATM? If ye, Keep reading here we are going to guide you to use ATM Card. At the end of Article, we'll share some useful tips to keep your money safe. So let's get started...

What is ATM Card - 

An ATM card is a plastic card, usually with a magnetic stripe that can be used at ATM machines to withdraw funds.   It could also be used to make money transfers within the same bank, to pay bills and charges, and many more. It's helpful in withdrawing cash plus it can be used at ATMs across the country.

   An ATM cum debit card that provides you instant access to your money. It allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs, run up debts and pay bills. ATM cards are issued by banks, which charge you fees for using the service.

How to Use ATM Card at ATM - 

First Step: Take your debit card. go to the nearest ATM, and make sure that ATM supports your Bank Card. Some banks' ATMs do not allow other ATM cards in their ATM Machine. So make sure that your card is acceptable by machine.  

Second Step: Now Insert it into the ATM Machine slot properly and wait till the machine accept it and ask you for further information.  

Third Step: Now Machine will ask you to Enter 4 Digits ATM PINEnter your PIN, and Make sure that you are entering the correct ATM pin, In some cases, if you entered the wrong PIN several times there are chances to Block the ATM card. So be careful Always protect your PIN.

Fourth Step: Choose whether to withdraw cash or check balance. If you want to Check your Balance Hit the suggested button. If you wants to Withdraw cash Select the correct option. Now enter Desired Amount and Next button. Select an account type.   

Fifth Step: After you follow the correct methods ATM machine will start the money withdrawal process wait and Collect your money. 

Sixth Step: Now Take your ATM receiptTake note of the instructions on the screen. Take your money and card and leave the machine.


Useful Tips Always Keep in Mind -

Keep your ATM card in a safe place, do not allow anybody else to use it.

Memorize the PIN. Do not write your PIN anywhere on the card or anywhere where it can be seen by others.

Change your PIN frequently.

Avoid disclosing your ATM PIN over phone.

Never tell anyone your PIN, not even a family member or friend, not even to the bank or the policeman.

Don't reveal your ATM card number to anyone unless you are positive that it is necessary and that you can trust the person you're speaking with.

Do not use an easily identifiable PIN (Example a birth date).

If you Lost your ATM Card call to bank and block it assoon as possible 

Never lend your card.

Conclusion - 

 An ATM card is a debit card that enables you to withdraw money directly from your bank account. It typically has a Visa or Mastercard logo on it and is used in place of a debit card for most ATMs. You can use an ATM card anywhere you would access your checking account or savings accounts. ATMs provide an easy way to access your money. But be careful to enter your PIN correctly, and be cautious of strangers lurking too close to you while you use the ATM. You should always be careful with your ATM card and personal information. 

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