Top 10 Reasons People are not Financially Successful in their Life

 Top 10 Reasons People are not Successful...Welcome to Bankboi. Here we are going to see the top 10 reasons people are not successful in their life, they are broke…

Top 10 Reasons People are not Successful in their Life

1. They set No Goals -

People who are really successful in their life, set goals and achieve them. Successful peoples are goal-oriented people. On the other hand, people who are unsuccessful in their life set no goals. They waste their time and life...

2. Unsuccessful people blame others -

Unsuccessful people always blame others for any mistake/ misfortune and never take responsibility for anything. On the other hand, successful people take full responsibility for their life and work for success. Successful people accept failure also and try to make comeback in their life. They always try their best to improve themselves and their life, which results in they get success in their life. Successful people look at their failures like a lesson... They learn from it and improve themselves.

3. Unsuccessful people make excuses -

99% of the failure come from people who have the habit of making excuses. People who are really successful in their life they always see results not excuses. They make an effort not an excuse.

4. Poor financial management -

Great financial management makes everything great. Intelligent and successful people always do quality financial management that gives the best result for them. On the other hand, poor/broke/ unsuccessful broke people never give importance to financial management they manage it poorly and it results worst for them.

5. Indirectly They Save Money to Waste -

Financially Successful people save their money to invest and earn profit from it but on the other hand, poor people, broke people save their money not to invest but to buy liability that results, they become poor...

6. They Don't set a budget and stick to it -

Financially successful people set their financial budget and stick to it for the best result. They know how to use their money wisely and produce greater results for themselves. On the other hand, Broke/poor people rarely set a budget and never stick to it. That throws them in poverty.

7. They always try to Impress others -

Poor are middle-class people who always try to impress others they buy unwanted things to impress other people. In reality, other people doesn't care about it. Poor people waste their money on unwanted things, They buy expensive things just to impress others, on the other hand, those who are highly successful in their life, try to impress themselves through hard work, and make progress in their life.

8. They don't know how to invest -

Poor /broke people don't know how to and where to invest their money. Because of it there buy liabilities instead of assets. On the other hand, financially successful people buy assets and invest their money wisely which produces a great result for them, their investment in assets puts money in their pocket.

9. They have poor money spending habits -

Most successful and popular investor Mr. Warren Buffett says, "if you buy things you do not need soon you will have to sell things you need." Poor/broke people waste their money on unwanted things on the other hand financially successful people spend their money wisely.

10. They Don't invest in themselves -

Poor/broke people never invest in themselves never try to learn new things. Someone rightly said "learn more, Earn more" but most people ignore this, they think that they know everything. Because of it they put themselves in great trouble. On the other hand, Highly successful people learn new things, read more books, invest in themselves create a great result for them and Live their Life Happily

These are the top 10 main reasons most people are not successful if you are one of them then change yourself, make progress in your life change your Life.

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