How to open IDFC's first bank zero balance Savings account


   Welcome to Bankboi, here we are going to see how to open IDFC's first bank zero balance savings account. It is very simple and no special skill is required for this purpose even you can open a savings bank account from your mobile phone. These 4 simple steps so let's get started…

How to open IDFC's first bank zero balance Savings account

First Step -  First, you need to enter a valid email ID, mobile number, and Aadhaar number. After entering a valid Aadhaar number you will receive Aadhar OTP on your registered mobile number.

Second Step -  Simply enter that OTP and hit that next button. The next page will open on your desktop/laptop screen. Here you will see Your details…

Third Step - Now enter personal details such as PAN card number, Then your valid address. Select banking preference such as preferred bank location and choose the nearest location.

Fourth Step -  Now enter family details such as marital status. Your mother's name etc… Now hit that next button…

Fifth Step - At this stage, you need to enter your occupation details. Then enter Bank Products Such as investing in Gold, Stock, etc. Select Account Type and hit that submits button. Congratulations you have successfully opened IDFC’s first bank savings account. This was very simple, wasn't it? 

If you find this information useful to you don't forget to share it with your family and friends let them know How to open an IDFC First Bank savings account. Any queries regarding this information do not hesitate to comment below we would like to help you thank you have a great day.

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